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Jack 3



Jack 3

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  • 2011: Let's go planking
  • 2012: Let's go choke on some cinnamon

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this movie made my dad cry…………..

this movie made my dad cry…………..

one of my top movies (((:

one of my top movies (((:

mmmm biscotti ♥

mmmm biscotti ♥

It never ends

It never ends

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love this movie & love this part.

Reading the book…just read this part! Excited to see the movie(:

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“The Widow’s Peak”
Dashboard Confessional

Confession: When I found out that Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional will play Heavy & Light, the high school girl inside of me did a little happy dance. Okay, the 22-year-old did, too. I am wholeheartedly a lyrics person, and Dashboard’s songs helped carry me through some rough patches in my life. For this Song of the Week, I thought I’d share a song I rediscovered recently, just building my excitement to hear Chris play live on January 7th!

“We’re stronger where the strain had broken us, and there is fight in us, I know.”

It’s not really a secret that 2011 has been a roller coaster of a year in my life. There are the things on the surface, of course: I graduated college and moved 1,000 miles from home. That alone might have been enough to throw me for a loop, but I also faced my anxiety for the first time.

There were days earlier this year when I felt like I couldn’t do this “feeling” anymore. And then came the day when I admitted that, okay, the “feeling” has a name, and the name is anxiety. The day when I watched an episode of Glee and realized that in order to keep helping others, I had to be willing to accept help myself. So I found a counselor and started to work through it. But this other thing, this broken feeling, didn’t stop right away.

I trusted few people with it. The people I did trust, I didn’t open up to completely like I could have. I put strain on relationships with people I cared about and didn’t see what I was doing. It took a long time to get to the point where I am now, where I feel just a little stronger, where the second part of this lyric plays especially like an anthem for me.

“It will take more than a heavy rain to silence us, when there’s so much for us, I know.”

This fall the sky of my life opened up and brought so much rain it felt as though I’d gotten an emotional introduction to hurricane season (maybe because Florida hasn’t had any real ones lately). I’m trying to get up the courage to tiptoe into this rain so that one day I might be ready to dance in it all by myself. Some days I feel like pieces of my heart are scattered across miles and miles. But no matter how heavy the rain right now, there are people who want to dance in it with me, who are coaxing me out and because of that, I am grateful. Sometimes the way to break the silence is to have other voices, other lives, join with yours.

“We’re stronger than before the strain had broken us …”

I have fight in me, and all of you do, too. And I can say that I am stronger through my struggles with anxiety, that I’ve found healthy ways to cope, that hope lit the way. I can say with more hope that strength is growing into other areas of my life, no matter how slowly.

Maybe that sounds foreign to you. You might not believe me. But I encourage you to try. I do not give up without a fight. I maybe forgot that for a little bit, but then I realize that person isn’t the real me. That might sound stubborn, or foolish, or just plain false.

But I’m pulling together my strength and finding it, piece by piece, to be true.

Happy Friday, everyone.